The Alaska Zoo will be going to the wolves Saturday. It's the annual Wolf Day event, where families and visitors can learn all about the zoo's resident wolf pack.

According to a news release from the zoo, people who attend that day can participate in events like a scavenger hunt, wolf-themed story time and a live howling contest with the wolves. 

One of the other topics will be about wolf conservation. Gray wolf populations dwindled dramatically in the 20th century, but the animals were recently were removed from protection under the Endangered Species Act. 

Another topic will be removing the stigma that wolves are fearsome and ferocious. 

"Wolves are absolutely amazing," said Stephanie Hartman, the Alaska Zoo's education director. "Rather than thinking that they’re these scary animals that do things that they don’t actually do, hopefully that they see what great animals they are and what big chickens that they are and hopefully want to keep them around for the future."

In addition to Wolf Day, the Alaska Zoo offers pack encounters through December. These events cost more than usual admission. 

Wolf Day goes from noon to 4 p.m. on Saturday. 

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