The Anchorage Museum is looking for ways to help Anchorage’s homeless and held a meeting Tuesday aimed at sparking a discussion on how to solve the issue.

It served as a call to designers and people experiencing homelessness to contribute to the discussion and help spur ideas.

Todd Ferry with Portland State University came to Alaska for the discussion. A few years ago, Ferry put out a similar call in Portland, bringing together designers and people experiencing homelessness in order to develop housing solutions. The result is called POD Initiative. POD stands for “partners on dwelling.” 

The group came up with unique designs for “pods” that look like tiny houses. "New ways of thinking, and new ways of acknowledging, involving people who are experiencing homelessness as part of the people to help solve the problem," Ferry said. "Right? We might come in as professionals, but they’re the experts on what it's like to live in the street. And they’re also the experts in terms of certain things about like where shelter should be, about what is a dignified way to respond to these issues."

Tuesday’s conversation is one aspect of a multi-part project stretching into February 2020, which includes more community conversations and upcoming exhibits. 

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