Nearly a month since a Dimond High School swimmer found herself disqualified over a swimsuit violation — then reinstated after the decision was overturned — the Alaska School Activities Association is considering rule changes to prevent similar problems in the future.

“This could involve either deleting or modifying the rules of the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) or the adoption of the rules of another national governing body such as USA Swim and Dive,” ASAA wrote Tuesday in a letter to Alaskan principals, athletic and activities directors, superintendents and school board presidents.

The decision comes after a swimmer won the 200-yard medley race against Chugiak in September. But then she was disqualified by the certified official who oversaw the race, Jill Blackstone, because her suit showed too much of her buttocks.

"The rule was put in place to curtail swimmers from intentionally rolling up their swimsuits in such a manner as to expose their buttock," ASAA said in a statement on its website. "ASAA strongly believes students are not intentionally rolling up their swimsuits in this manner."

Blackstone’s decision was overturned and the swimmer’s win reinstated.

ASAA executive director Billy Strickland said board members could vote to make the change at their December meeting or in February.

The association continues to look into whether Blackstone will be allowed to continue as a swimming official.

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