Alaska’s congressional delegation spoke against President Trump’s announcement to withdraw troops from northern Syria. The Republican trio took to social media early this week.

Sen. Dan Sullivan, who often aligns himself with Trump, didn’t mince words in a Monday evening Twitter thread.

He wrote:

“I do not support [President Trump’s] plan to withdraw U.S. troops, allowing for a Turkish operation in northern Syria. [...] This decision will likely lead to increased Iranian influence; expand the power vacuum likely to be filled by Russian and Iranian proxies; and would raise the likelihood that ISIS prisoners will be released or escape from detention. [...] While I agree that our troops should not be in Syria indefinitely, such a precipitous withdraw and an abandonment of our Kurdish allies would make it harder in the future to attract partner forces to work with America."

Sen. Lisa Murkowski didn’t call out Trump by name, but still condemned the announcement in an early Tuesday Facebook post.

“Withdrawing from Syria in this way not only betrays our long-standing Kurdish allies but creates space for an ISIS resurgence," she wrote. "We are already hearing disturbing reports from the region. I urge the president to reconsider this abrupt and unsettling decision."

By Tuesday afternoon, U.S. Rep. Don Young weighed in, also without naming Trump, on Twitter.

“The absence of American leadership overseas only serves to create voids that will be filled by America’s adversaries -- including Iran. [...] In addition to allowing for the resurgence of ISIS, this move calls into question America’s commitment to our allies. We should be standing with the Kurds and against Turkish operations in Northern Syria."

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