The Anchorage Assembly is holding a meeting Tuesday night. Assemblyman Christopher Constant said there are many things on the agenda.

One item up for discussion this evening is an amendment for the municipality's recent plastic bag ban. The amendment is a proposal from Constant himself, addressing restaurants charging 10 cents for paper bags.

"The proposal that I have made is just a quick amendment that would remove the charge from people who buy foods at restaurants because in particular to-go restaurants, it became clear that it's not possible to bring your own reusable bag," Constant said.

Constant said other members have proposed changes to the bag ban, so it may take a few weeks before the public sees a change.

Another point of interest on tonight's agenda involves adding another assembly member. Constant said it's a proposal for a charter amendment, meaning if the assembly passes it the question would go on the April municipal ballot.

"We have 11 members. We have six districts," Constant said. "What that means is five districts, which are larger, have two members, and then one district has only one member and this is called proportional representation and it's legal federally, but it creates problems locally because you have a whole neighborhood where you have only one representative on the assembly, which is my district."

Other agenda items tonight include discussion on storm water utility and onsite consumption of marijuana. There will be public testimony tonight on the plastic bag ban, but public comments can also be made via email or by calling (907) 343-7123.

The assembly meeting starts at 5 p.m. at Loussac Library in Anchorage. For the full agenda, visit the municipality's website.

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