Clouds aren't always an ominous sign. Often they move in and out without incident, this time is different. Clouds that start the day Tuesday warn of inclement weather to come.

The clouds kept things mild to start the day. Temperatures were about 15 degrees warmer than where they were to start Monday. And while starting the day in the mid-40s sounds like it gives us room to warm up, that might not be the case. 

Temperatures won't climb too much. Upper-40s is about all we will squeeze out of it. Cloud cover keeps us a little cooler than where we've been, which is still warmer than where we should be. Clouds to start the day precede a push of moisture that will bring us days of showers in Southcentral. For Anchorage, the rain starts in the late afternoon or early evening. Elsewhere around Southcentral, the rain starts this afternoon. 

 This same storm is dumping some heavy snow across much of the Interior. Winter weather advisories and winter storm warnings remain in place for accumulating snow. Locally, some areas will receive about a foot of snow by the time it ends late Wednesday. 

While recent cooler temperatures bring snow to the front of our minds, not everyone gets to see it, yet. Places farther north, like Willow or Talkeetna will see a little rain, snow mix Tuesday— but most of the accumulation stays at about Cantwell or farther north.

Showers persist right through Wednesday and into Thursday. Temperatures will float from the upper-30s to mid-40s each day. As temps slide into the 30s, conditions will be just right for many in Southcentral to see the season's first bout of wintry mix. 

The best shot at seeing some of that wintry mix will be Thursday. Cold air arriving on the backside of the storm will drop temperatures enough that we could see a little snow mixing with rain at times. But don't expect any accumulation in Anchorage. It's just been too warm lately to have to bust out the shovels. 

If you don't get the leaves raked today, don't worry— the weekend forecast is looking perfect for leaf raking!

-Meteorologist Jeremy LaGoo