The Anchorage Assembly may bag part of the municipality's recent ban on plastic bags that went into effect last month.

As of Sept. 15, retailers are allowed to charge 10 cents per paper bag with a maximum charge of 50 cents per transaction. Restaurants are among those required to charge customers the fee for takeout orders.

Some people say they were surprised to see the charge for a paper bag, which they say they got for free prior to the plastic bag ban. Assemblyman Christoper Constant has now proposed to exclude restaurants from the fee.

"It's not really within the model to take in a bag into the restaurant and put your food to go in there and then take it and so that 10 cent charge is a little bit weird," Constant said shortly after the ban went into effect.

Vendors at temporary markets would also be exempt from charging customers for paper bags.

The assembly will discuss amending the rule at Tuesday's meeting, which starts at 5 p.m. in the Loussac Library.

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