There is ongoing concern about homeless people using areas and businesses around Bean's Cafe and Brother Francis Shelter as their personal restrooms. 

It’s one reason why Anchorage Assembly member Christopher Constant is talking about the possibility of putting port-a-potties at Bean's Cafe.

"We need a place for them to poop," Constant said.

Constant brought up porta potties Friday during a discussion about awarding a $444,000 contract to Bean's Cafe to again operate as an emergency overnight shelter this winter. He wants to know more about the impacts to the area.

Bean's Cafe Deputy Director Kim Kovol said Bean's doesn't need port-a-potties outside because the bathrooms have been recently remodeled and are adequate for 250 people.

Kovol says the overnight sheltering of the homeless is only a Band-Aid approach to the overall homeless issue. She told the assembly that Bean's never asked to take on the added responsibility of operating at night too.

The Anchorage Assembly did not approve the contract Friday, Oct. 4. Constant says members wanted more time to research the impacts to the area.

The measure went up for discussion again at the assembly's regular meeting Tuesday, Oct. 8. The assembly approved a $443,300 contract. Emergency winter shelter will be provided from Nov. 1 through April 30 for up to 150 people.

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