The Alaska Marijuana Industry Association is responding to the outbreak of lung illnesses and deaths across the country associated with vaping THC.

In a statement, the organization urges Alaskans to buy in local retail shops not online in the black market. 

"One thing is certain with the black market: those products are not required to be preapproved, then tested, tracked, and taxed," AMIA president Lacy Wilcox wrote in the statement. "The surest way to fuel the black market is to cut off access to regulated cannabis products."

AMIA goes on to say that all cannabis products produced and sold in the state are regulated, taxed, preapproved and, essentially, have a paper trail. The Marijuana Control Board and the Alcohol and Marijauna Control Office is monitoring any legal manufactured vape cartridges.

So far, Vitamin E oil is not approved as an ingredient in any official vaping product in Alaska. Vitamin E oil is an additive that could be linked to the outbreak in lung illnesses and deaths related to vaping THC. 

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