In his closing argument Thursday afternoon, Palmer District Attorney Roman Kalytiak said Bradley Renfro was not only a willing participant in David Grunwald’s murder but also that most of his testimony about his involvement in the crimes was a lie.

Kalytiak outlined the crimes Renfro is charged with in the Nov. 13 2016 beating and shooting of the Palmer 16-year-old. Renfro, now 19, is one of four people charged in the case.

Kalytiak said photos and videos show Renfro continued to hang out with the other suspects after the murder, despite his testimony that he was scared.

“Here is history documented by themselves where he is with one of the other bad guys, Dominic Johnson front and center, and the guy that betrayed him, Devin Peterson, in the back,” Kalytiak said as he showed the picture to the jury.

Renfro is seen in the corner of the photo holding up the “C” Crips gang sign.

“He’s doing the same exact stuff they did days before the murder,” Kalytiak said.

Renfro spent six days on the witness stand telling his side of the story, but Kalytiak questioned the validity and credibility of the testimony because of Renfro's history of lying to investigators.

In three interviews with troopers, Renfro denied being involved in the crimes, then said two different people were responsible for shooting Grunwald.

“The presumption of innocence does not mean the presumption of truthfulness. You can’t be soft on him on when you analyze whether he’s a liar or not. He is a defendant in a murder case, who chose [to testify], nobody forced him,” Kalytiak said.

Defense Attorney Chris Provost will make his closing argument for the jury on Friday morning.

The state will have a chance for a rebuttal before the case goes to the jury.

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