Fourteen minutes after midnight Thursday, a man called 911. He told the dispatcher his roommate beat up his girlfriend, then said, "I beat the s**** out of him, he's dead now," according to court documents. 

Gilbert Dugaqua, 53, appeared in front of a judge at Anchorage's Jail Court Thursday afternoon to be arraigned on charges of second-degree murder and manslaughter. A visible wound on his face appeared to be from the deadly scuffle the night before. 

According to a criminal complaint, Anchorage Police arrived at the apartment Dugaqua shared with his roommate, who he referred to as "Skully." Dugaqua was walking out of the home, covered in blood. Skully was found dead inside. 

Dugaqua agreed to speak with detectives, according to the complaint. He told them he had spent the afternoon at Timeout Lounge drinking two pitchers of beer with Skully before the two walked home. He later left and remembers returning to find his girlfriend had been beaten. He said she told him Skully had beaten her for an unknown reason. 

The document states Dugaqua told police he then went into Skully's room and confronted him and the two began to "wrestle." He described a fight that included choking and punching, then admitted he might have kicked Skully in the face once he was down. He denied using any weapons and told investigators he only used his hands and feet. 

"Observations at the scene indicate high impact blood splatter on the walls and ceiling in the room where [Skully] was found deceased inconsistent with a simple fist strike or single kick. Sgt. Bakken indicated that they found a four foot 'closet rod' that had a large amount of blood transfer on it that could have been used to strike [Skully]," the complaint reads. 

It continues, "I informed [Dugaqua] that he had killed [Skully], he seemed surprised and said that did didn't intend on killing [Skully] but believed that any man who beats a woman should get beat up." 

According to the prosecutor in court Friday, Dugaqua is currently on federal probation for a bank robbery. 

His bail is set at $200,000 cash with a third party custodian. 

According to the complaint, the woman involved was taken to a local hospital for medical treatment. 

Police have not yet identified the victim. 

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