All operations on the north face of the pier in Nikiski are suspended after the Offshore Systems Kenai dock partially collapsed and spilled 300 gallons of diesel fuel. 

According to a news release sent from the U.S. Coast Guard on Wednesday, pollution responders from the Coast Guard arrived after a report that heavy seas caused a 50-foot wide section of the dock to fall into Cook Inlet.

"The Coast Guard is temporarily closing the north portion of the dock as a precaution to protect life and property as well as reduce further impact to the environment," said Coast Guard Captain of the Port for Western Alaska Sean MacKenzie.

All hazardous materials have been removed, the release states. The dock is continuing to erode, but responders are working to stop further pollution. 



Photo courtesy U.S. Coast Guard

Anyone who finds oil or other signs of pollution in the area should call the National Response Center at 1-800-424-8802.

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