4 days. That's how long this one storm has been planted over the northern Gulf. It's brought wind and rain to much of Southcentral, but it's been responsible for something else you probably noticed but let slide by under the radar— no pun intended. The unusually warm weather.

Temperatures have been about 5 degrees above normal recently thanks to southerly flow and some moisture transport from this storm. As the storm finally moves out, temperatures will slide back near normal then drop as a shift in the weather pattern takes place this weekend. 

October is a month of change for Alaska. In Anchorage we lose almost 3 hours of daylight. High temperatures typically start the month near 50 degrees, but fall close to freezing by the time kids take to the streets in search of trick or treats. 

As the storm rolls off the coast, expect to dry out. A few isolated pockets of drizzle the first half of Wednesday will be about the last of it. Mostly cloudy skies and temps near 50 will be the case not just Wednesday, but Thursday as well. We might even get a little sun to peek through those clouds. Dry nights also mean temperatures will fall back into the 30s after the sun goes down.

Showers are back in the forecast Friday as our next storm takes aim at Southcentral. A wave of energy tracking up the Aleutians will bring the chance of rain to much of Southcenrtal Friday and Saturday. At this point it looks to beat a push of cold coming in from the north. That would mean everything that falls SaturDAY stays as rain. Cold air mixing in overnight might put a couple flurries in the sky, but that would be about it. 

Once the cold sets up, it holds on. Temperatures look to stay in the low-40s during the day and fall to near 30 each night. With our wet weather pattern continuing, there are a couple chances we see snow in the coming week!

A word of caution. This is Alaska after all, so the forecast can quickly change. It does so often, that we seldom put faith in long-range forecasts in the KTVA weather center. But one thing is for sure— colder days are on the way whether you like it or not. 

Welcome to October!
-Meteorologist Jeremy LaGoo