Murder suspect Bradley Renfro continues to distance himself from David Gruwald’s killing and the other people involved. He is one of four people charged with first-degree murder in the case.

Palmer District Attorney Roman Kalytiak finished his cross examination of the defendant on Tuesday afternoon. Renfro, now 19, denied knowing about any plans to beat or shoot the Palmer 16-year-old in November 2016.

Kalytiak showed videos of Renfro partying in a shed with some of the other suspects just hours after Grunwald was killed. Renfro said he was smoking and drinking that night to suppress the memories of what he had witnessed.

“Sometimes you’ve got to do stuff like that sir. Just because I was doing that with them doesn’t mean I wasn’t still scared of what they could do. Because it looks like we’re having a good time, I was trying not to tip them off to anything sir,” Renfro said.

Renfro said he was afraid of Austin Barrett, who threatened to hurt anyone who talked to authorities about Grunwald’s death.

Kalytiak pointed out that Renfro continued to associate with Barrett and the two other suspects in the following weeks despite his claims he was scared.

Defense Attorney Chris Provost will have a chance to redirect on Wednesday morning. He said he likely has one more witness who will be telephonic.

Closing arguments are tentatively planned for Thursday. The jury has the option to deliberate on Saturday if needed.

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