It's a concept that lends itself to startups, travelers and independent professionals — coworking.

In Anchorage, The Boardroom provides clients a furnished shared office space that focuses on growing young entrepreneurship.

"We wanted to grow our business and were trying to figure out what type of business we could create that helps other entrepreneurs and startups stay here, instead of leave the state for a bigger metropolitan area," said The Boardroom co-founder Katherine Jernstrom.

You can rent office space for a day or have access to a variety of workspaces. It's membership-based and there are opportunities to network with fellow entrepreneurs.

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One of The Boardroom clients is Launch Alaska, a company also focused on growing Alaska businesses. Launch Alaska CEO Isaac Vanderburg says the coworking experience is a great way for the community to share ideas.

"Just having other firms in the building that you can reach out to if you need creative work or someone to run ideas by. It also just takes the whole business platform problem off of your hands," said Vanderburg. "Things like a printer or making sure that the building is functioning, all of that is taken care of and you can just focus on running your company and running your organization."

For more information, visit The Boardroom's website or stop by at 721 Depot Drive in Anchorage. 

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