Paris, New York, Milan and Rome are some of the world's fashion centers, but the Alaska Travel Industry Association is looking to highlight some Alaskan designers in their own state. 

ATIA hosted its inaugural Trend Fashion Show on Friday as a way to mark the end of the summer tourism season.

"When people come to Alaska, what do they take home with them? What are the things that they remember? And a lot of times it's artifacts that people have made, it's clothing, it's things that aren't as common in the Lower 48," said ATIA Board of Directors chair Elizabeth Hall.

Nome designer Alice Bioff displayed her latest design at the show. "Atmik is a one-layered shell jacket made with dintex fabric. It's water-resistant, windproof and breathable," Bioff said.

Her son's name was the inspiration behind the name of the coat. "It's his Inupiaq name. He's named after his great-uncle who was a great hunter and provider on Saint Lawrence Island," Bioff said.

Bioff is one of 14 Alaskan designers highlighted at the show. 

"Oh my gosh, just connecting and meeting all the different artists, and then also meeting the folks that are coming to the event. Hopefully that will lead to partnerships," she said.

The Alaska Travel Industry Association says tourism is responsible for about 52,000 jobs around the state.

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