We here at KTVA hope you got out and enjoyed some of the sunshine on Thursday, a change in the weather pattern means it will leave as quick as it arrived. A powerful storm west of Alaska will spread clouds across Southcentral Friday before rain arrives this weekend. 

 Clear skies early Friday morning allowed temperatures to drop to near freezing on the west side of Anchorage, but below 32 degrees on the west side and in the valley. This will likely be the coldest morning we see in the next week. Building cloud cover will stick around in the coming days, trapping daytime heat through the night. 

Those clouds will start building in mid-morning. The clouds will start high in the sky overhead and through the day build lower through the atmosphere. By the evening commute, you won't even need the sunglasses. That cloud cover will keep temperatures a little cooler, 49 degrees is about as warm as we will get before the sun goes down.

Clouds will really thicken up come Saturday. As the storm spreads moisture across Southcentral, the clouds will start looking more ominous through the day. We will be spared from any rain here in Anchorage, about all we get could be a few sprinkles. Most of the moisture stays along coastal areas Saturday. The mountains do a pretty good job of keeping us dry. Temperatures will top out near 50 degrees. 

Sunday is a different story. Enough moisture spreads across Southcentral to bring rain to Anchorage. That rain will start long before the sun comes up. Heavy rain lasts all day long, more than a half an inch of rain will fall on Anchorage by the time the day comes to a close. Places closer to the coast and along the Kenai Peninsula will pick up more than an inch of rain by the time it comes to an end. 

Weekend Forecast Bonus:
The aurora is out this weekend! If you catch a break in the clouds look to the sky, you might just catch something special!

Enjoy the sun this morning!

-Meteorologist Jeremy LaGoo