Bradley Renfro has been testifying for two days but still hasn’t given details about who shot David Grunwald.

So far, he’s only described how Grunwald was pistol-whipped on the night of Nov. 13, 2016.

Before getting into the rest of the details, defense attorney Chris Provost spent four hours dissecting two of the interviews Renfro made to troopers during the investigation.

Provost pointed to the main lie Renfro repeated to investigators: he didn’t know anything about David’s disappearance.

Renfro said Austin Barrett threatened him to stay quiet.

“If I talked to the cops they would hurt me or [my girlfriend] or my family,” Renfro explained.

Provost had Renfro read through dozens of statements he had made in the hours-long interviews.

At one point, Palmer District Attorney Roman Kalytiak objected to the transcript being read line-by-line and questioned the relevancy.

“This is his opportunity to put on his defense,” Provost responded. “He has put himself in the stand for two days now so that he can tell his story. He has a right to do that. Now, if I’m getting objections because he can’t remember and I’m refreshing his memory, that is what we’re doing. If it’s getting tedious that we go over the same theme over and over again about why he is lying in these interviews, what’s behind that. You all figure out the theme if you haven’t already. That’s his right to his defense.”

Provost plans to go over Renfro’s Dec. 6 interview with troopers as testimony continues Friday.

The state’s cross examination likely won’t begin until Monday.

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