Although the day started off with sunshine, the weather quickly turned interesting through the day. Thanks to an approaching cold front, Southcentral continued to see some much needed rain across the region. In addition to that, many areas saw some significant hail accumulation as pea size hail covered the ground like snow. That wasn't the only thing, as elevations above 2000 feet saw additional accumulation of snow, as the snow levels continue to drop. Many mountains received an additional layer of snow which will likely stick until spring. 

Now that the front has cleared the area and the sun is shining once more, what can we expect through the rest of the week? Well for many of us, we'll see the first frost and freeze of the season over the next 48 hours. Cold air continues to funnel into the region, with overnight lows set to dip near freezing tonight and below freezing tomorrow night. While the subfreezing nights will be short-lived, it's right on target for our average first freeze of the year. Many in the valley will likely see a hard freeze, as lows dip well into the 20s over the next few nights. 

Through the rest of the week we'll stay dry with plenty of sunshine, but it won't last long. Another storm system is set to impact us this weekend into next week, which will likely end any drought concerns across the region. The storm which will impact us over several days could dump up to an inch of rain in many spots. It's certainly feeling like fall in Southcentral and the going forecast continues to suggest a stormy and wet pattern.

Have a great Thursday!

-Meteorologist Aaron Morrison