The Alaska State Employees Association on Wednesday has accused the Dunleavy administration of violating a collective bargain agreement when it sued the union last week.

ASEA countersued the state, whose Attorney General Kevin Clarkson is asking the courts to allow the state to stop deducting union dues “from an employee to give the Union unless the State has clear and compelling evidence that an employee has given his or her consent to subsidize the Union’s speech.”

The two sides disagree over how to interpret a U.S. Supreme Court ruling known as the Janus case, which involved an Illinois man who did not wants dues deducted because he did not support the union.

On Wednesday, the ASEA responded with several court filings, including a response calling for the courts to dismiss the state’s suit with prejudice and cover the union’s attorney’s fees.

Jake Metcalfe, the union’s executive director, said the state has not only failed to properly interpret the Janus case but is also breaking state law.

In its release the union wrote:

“The administration has already violated Alaska law and the state’s current collective bargaining agreement with ASEA by changing union member dues deduction procedures, spreading misinformation to our members, and interfering with the relationship between our union and our membership.”

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