It’s a building that was once described as an eyesore in Mountain View. Today, it’s been transformed into a modern housing complex called Ch’anikna Commons.

The building was once a top destination for police calls, according to Cook Inlet Housing President and CEO Carol Gore. The agency is one of several partners in the project and a top investor in affordable housing in the neighborhood.

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“So where children are playing we have our top police calls,” she said. “That’s not the story we want in any neighborhood.”

Gore said the new development is geared towards families. Most of the townhouse-style apartments have three bedrooms and are located near a park as well as the Mountain View Boys and Girls Club.

The Municipality of Anchorage has plans to make upgrades to both the park and the clubhouse.

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Gore said the real investment is in the Mountain View neighborhood where new and affordable housing is giving families a reason to stay.

“It’s transformed their thinking,” she said. “Not just about that building, those buildings, this block, but also about the neighborhood and where they live, and whether or not they’ll begin to make investments in their own homes because they now have a good neighbor.”

Gore called Ch’anikna Commons a 10-year project that took many partners to make happen. Those partners include the Anchorage Community Land Trust and the Rasmuson Foundation. She said they’ve received 85 applications for the 21 units and 10 families have already moved in.

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