Just last week Anchorage implemented a plastic bag ban on the retails sale of goods in the Municipality of Anchorage. But now one Anchorage Assembly member says he plans to make some changes.

This has to do with some people who say they didn't know they would be charged for paper bags at fast food restaurants. Some people say they were surprised to see a 10 cent charge for a paper bag, which they say they got for free prior to the plastic bag ban.

Anchorage Assemblyman Christoper Constant says it's not practical to hand a fast food employee a reusable bag in place of a paper bag.

"In the process most fast food restaurants, the food is already bagged and there's no way to hand them a bag. So I already have drafted an amendment that will look at changing the code to exempt those restaurants from the 10 cent fee," he said.

Constant is telling restaurants to continue doing what they're doing now until the change is made. He also says the assembly did not "create a tax."

"This money doesn't come to the municipality," he said, "The purpose of the 10 cent fee, in general, is to motivate people to take their own bag in to the grocery store to help in the process of limiting and reducing waste into the landfill because, as a lot of people know, as the public should know, once that landfill is full we have to pay to create a new one, which is hundreds of millions of dollars."

Constant says officials expected there would be questions and now they will be listening to the public over the next two weeks for input about the plastic bag ban.

People can comment by sending an email to plasticbagban@anchorageak.gov or calling (907) 343-7123.

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