A group of supporters against a proposed regulation change to the brewery and distillery industry are raising awareness about how they think it would hurt small business — and they have the support of a well-known political action group with deep pockets.

"We're trying to bring awareness of the issues that are going on with the breweries and distilleries," said Ryan McKee, Alaska Director of Americans for Prosperity. "Mainly new language that would bar a lot of things, but kind of the most important, would no longer being able to provide event space for fundraisers or charity events. For us, we see, with BP leaving, there's going to be a big void."

Americans for Prosperity is a conservative political action group founded by the Koch Brothers. The group is standing behind the breweries and distilleries that would no longer be able to hold any events that are advertised, like First Fridays. 

"A lot of breweries and distilleries will host concerts in the summertime," McKee said. "They're trying to remove all of that and the big thing is they're not addressing anything that has to do with the actual alcohol consumption or what they provide."

The regulation change was proposed last month by the Alaska Alcoholic Beverage Control Board in an effort to better define what the brewery and distillery licenses were written for.  

People at an event held at King Street Brewery Thursday night heard from proposal opponents Rep. Josh Revak, R-Anchorage, and Wasilla Mayor Bert Cottle. They also encouraged people to sign a petition they plan to submit to the Alcohol Beverage Control Board by Oct. 4.

Public comment on the regulation ends Oct. 4.

Correction: This story has been edited to remove a reference to Americans for Prosperity as a PAC. Americans for Prosperity is a nonprofit backed by the Koch Brothers. Its sister organization, Americans for Prosperity Action, is a super PAC.

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