Wednesday offered more rain in one day than we've seen in 4 months in Anchorage. The heavy rain caused flooding around town as rivers and streams swelled from the influx of water. Campbell Creek rose to flood stage, and many low-lying areas filled with water. Thankfully Thursday offers a break from the rain, even if it's a short one. 

Clouds will linger through the day on Thursday, but the sun will manage to peek out a from behind the clouds at least a little. Temperatures will climb to the upper-50s by the afternoon. If you can, get out and enjoy it. Wet weather and cooler temperatures are in the forecast. 

Following our most recent storm, a blast of cold air will push in from the north and the west. You will really notice the dip in temps starting Friday.

A storm over the western Aleutians will continue to push east through the day, as it closes in on Southcentral clouds will build as rain returns. Showers will develop on the Kenai Peninsula by the evening commute, Anchorage will see a few scattered showers late in the day before rain returns overnight. 

Rain will last through the day on Friday. Heavy at times, we have the potential to see as much rain as we got out of our most recent storm. The rain will keep temperatures in the mid-50s once again. 

Showers will taper off early Saturday morning. Clouds will slowly depart through the day. Temperatures will climb to the mid-50s once again before taking a plunge overnight. 

Sunday starts partly cloudy and crisp. We have the potential to dip to the 30s for the first time since May! Don't worry, we will see 50 on the thermometer by the afternoon, even if barely. 

Our downward trend in temperatures continues! Get the hats and gloves ready, we'll be wearing them in the morning before you know it. 

Stay dry!

-Meteorologist Jeremy LaGoo