Cancer is a disease we most often associate with people, but cancer strikes other animals too.

Canine cancer is particularly prevalent. It’s estimated one in four dogs will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime.

David Jensen's dog Layla is a Cancer Hero

David Jensen’s golden retriever Layla was diagnosed not once but twice. Layla beat the disease the first time but two weeks ago she died from an entirely different form of cancer.

Despite her death, Layla is being honored at an event this weekend that raises money for both canine and human cancer research.

David Jensen said Layla was diagnosed with cancer twice.

“What a symbol for other dogs and people that you can beat cancer, not all the time, obviously. But we are seeing so much success and so many more improvements with that,” Jensen said. “She was a great model for the cause.”

Layla will be remembered as the “Cancer Hero Dog” at the PuppyUp walk on Saturday, Sept. 21.  The event is being held at Alyeska Canine Trainers, which is located at 549 W. International Airport Rd.

The event begins at 9:30 a.m. and goes on until noon. In addition to the walk, there will be a "Blessing of the Animals that precedes it, as well as demonstrations, booths and events for both people and pets.

For more information or to register online go to

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