Alaska's state epidemiologist is following the lead of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention by recommending people quit vaping, as a nationwide outbreak of illnesses and deaths is investigated. The CDC says those patients have a history of using e-cigarettes.

Now, one vaping and electronic cigarette store in Anchorage is making its own recommendations to its customers. Fatboy Vapors has a letter on the counter in the store that advises people about the outbreak, along with its own recommendations.

"DO NOT CONSUME black market THC cartridges or homemade eLiquids," reads the letter. in part.

The CDC reports 380 cases in 36 states.

Alaska's state epidemiologist Dr. Joe McLaughlin says most of those patients reported vaping THC products. Some of those patients vaped tobacco, he said.

The CDC advises people to not buy e-cigarettes or vaping products with THC, off the street. And says people shouldn't add anything that's not intended by manufacturers.

"We're absolutely horrified by the reports that are coming out," said Fatboy Vapors CEO Matt Waggoner.

Waggoner believes the outbreak is related to usage of illegal and bootlegged THC products. Waggoner says it's been the goal of the business to get people to stop smoking cigarettes and encourage smokers to step down their nicotine levels to become smoke- and vape-free.

He says he worries about those people trying to quit, with the state epidemiologist telling all people to quit vaping as the outbreak continues.

"We're afraid that people aren't simply going to quit but that people are going to convert back to cigarettes which we know causes hundreds of thousands of deaths in the United States and across the world every single year," Waggoner said.

Waggoner says it's also important to keep vaping products away from minors and suggests they be banned online.

The Alaska Department of Health and Social Services says there are no reported cases of illnesses or deaths related to vaping in the state.

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