It's a new day for the Last Great Race. Rob Urbach, who was named CEO of the Iditarod Trail Committee this summer, says he wants to create an Arctic tour of sled dog races and has already hit the ground running on an international collaboration. 

"I got back from Norway from last week. We're working on a world arctic tour, combining races in Norway, Russia, France and Germany. And to have a series like you would see in golf or tennis, of events and races, where mushers can race around the world for bigger prize money." Urbach said.

Urbach says the committee is in the process of negotiating a world broadcast deal with television networks, but a deal has not been reached.

"The Iditarod will also be the finale, the Super Bowl, the heaviest weighted in terms of points and prize money at the same time," Urbach said.

He says the advances in television production technology may allow more people to witness mushing events in remote areas of Russia, Norway, and Alaska — with live updates like the ones Iditarod Insider and local television stations already provide from the trail. 

"In a world of increasingly more video games, and we're showing the northern lights, dog sleds, navigation," Urbach said.

The 2020 Iditarod starts Saturday, March 7. 

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