Anchorage School Board member Dave Donley's proposal that would require the national anthem and Alaska state song to be played at least once a month in all Anchorage School District schools was voted down Tuesday night.

The board voted 4-3 against the proposal.

Donley said his proposal was not to force anyone to sing the national anthem but rather to expand the existing district policy to promote patriotism. Some schools, he says, are already playing the song.

Those against it feel the district's resources are better used elsewhere. Board member Alisha Hilde said the number one thing she hears in the community is about the amount of time and resources that are spent on administrative tasks.

Hilde says the board needs to take responsibility for how much time it takes from administration. Hilde said an item that should've taken five minutes took far too long.

School board president Starr Marsett agreed.

She said that the board's attention should be on students who are failing.

Board members also noted that the Pledge of Alligence is said every morning in every school and the national anthem is played before every sporting event. 

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