At the beginning of September, the community of Seldovia in the Kenai Peninsula Borough had only about a 14 to 15 day supply of drinking water because of a dry summer.

But Seldovia finance officer Jackie Taylor says the community now has nearly a month's worth of drinking water because of recent rain. She also says that the community has lifted a water conservation measure where people were asked to limit their weekly water use.

Despite the dry start to the month, Seldovia received more than two and a half inches of rain in the last week alone and more is on the way.

Three separate storm systems are expected to hit the area in the next six days, all delivering significant rainfall to Seldovia. At least an additional three quarters of an inch is likely in the next 24 hours alone.

Chief Meteorologist Melissa Frey contributed to this report.

Correction: This story has been edited to remove a reference to a dam in another community.

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