Walmart stores, including those in Alaska, are collecting used car seats in what the company is calling the largest car seat recycling event in the country.

From Sept. 16 through Sept. 30, customers can bring in old car seats to the customer service desk and get a $30 Walmart gift card to spend however they wish.

Walmart is collecting used car seats through Sept. 30

Midtown Walmart Assistant Manager Lachelle Dinkins described the program as a win-win, promoting recycling but also encouraging people who need new car seats to purchase safer ones.

“A lot of people are not aware that car seats have an expiration date and the safety things that come along with it,” she said. “So that’s the reason we want to promote getting those current updated car seats for your kiddos.”

most car seats have an expiration date of six years

Safety experts recommend car seats be replaced if they were made over six years ago. They generally recommend against buying used car seats.

Dinkins said there is a two car seat limit per person, so gift cards will not exceed $60. The offer is only good for car seats — booster seats are not part of the program.

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