Brace yourself for the possibility of paying more at the gas pump because of the attack on a Saudi Arabia's oil facilities over the weekend.

"They're already talking about prices going up nationwide a dime, maybe a quarter in the next couple weeks. We'll see it here too," said oil and gas analyst Larry Persily.

Persily says other things may cost Alaskans more as well if Saudi oil doesn't come back online in the near future.

"You pay more to heat your home this winter, pay more to fill up your tank. Airplane tickets could go up. Shipping costs could go up," he said.

However, Persily says the situation could mean a lot more revenue to the state if the price per barrel of oil stays high.

"If a $10 increase holds all year, yeah, you've got several hundred million dollars," he said.

On Monday, U.S. officials identified the origin of the Saudi attacks and found the 20 drones and cruise missiles were launched from southern Iran. U.S. stocks also fell following the attack.

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