A round of light showers early Tuesday morning teased the inclement weather to come. 

Officially just 2 hundredths of an inch of rain, but rain nonetheless. Tuesday morning's rain will be a distant memory by the middle of the day. A break between two storms will give us a little sunshine. The sunshine doesn't last too long, by this afternoon clouds will build back in before the next round of rain. Those clouds will keep temperatures in the upper-50s. 

Rain will start around 7 p.m. this evening. The rain lasts through the night and into Wednesday. Heavy at times, this could be one of the biggest storms in recent memory. And keep in mind, we have seen two storms offer some much-needed rain in just the first two weeks of September. 

The storm will simultaneously keep us warm and cool at the same time. It sounds strange, but hear me out. We all know a little cloud cover and rain will keep temperatures cooler than they would be on a sunny day. But, this storm is actually stopping a push of cold air from the north. That arctic air dropped temperatures below freezing as far south as the Alaska range. The southerly flow associated with the incoming storm will stop the northerly wind and keep that cold air at bay. 

Temperatures Wednesday will stay in the mid-50s with the heavy rain. Forecast models are calling for about an inch of rain by the time it ends late Wednesday night. 

The clouds will stick around through the day on Thursday, but a break in the action will allow the sun to peek through. Despite drying out, temperatures will stay a little cooler. Temperatures in the mid-50s will carry us right into the weekend. 

Yet another storm is in the forecast for the end of the week— you might want to just keep the raincoat and xtra tuffs handy!

-Meteorologist Jeremy LaGoo