It was a tough week for Brad Harris and his family as they struggled to make sense of why someone would kill their son West’s pet guinea pig, Darth Tater, before stealing thousands of dollars worth of items from their garage.

The break-in happened around 10 p.m. on Sept. 6. Brad wasn’t home, but Carrie Harris and the couple’s three sons were. She believes thieves killed Darth Tater because they feared his loud squeals would wake the family.

Darth Tater was killed by burglars who broke into the family garage

“The fact that the burglars did what they did to our pet just put this particular situation at a different level,” said Brad Harris. He added that since KTVA first reported the story, the family has received an outpouring of support from the community.

Carrie Harris said they’ve heard from many people who have guinea pigs to spare and wanted to help.

“The animal shelter reached out, friends of one of West’s teachers, friends of friends, about six other people on Facebook after your story,” she said.

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One of those people was a young woman named Hollilyn Blevins who posted that she had two new litters of baby guinea pigs and that West could take his pick.

“She said, ‘your poor son, that’s just the saddest thing in the world. I’d love to do this to help him,’’’ Carrie Harris said. “And so she texted us pictures of the litter that was weaned already.”

Perseus is the family's new guinea pig

West chose the runt of the litter, who he found “the cutest” and named him Perseus. Perseus is now housed with the family’s older guinea pig, who’s name is Pig, and the two are getting along famously.

Carrie Harris said Blevin’s gift has meant a lot to her family considering the trauma they’ve been through. In many ways it’s helping them to heal and teaching their children a positive lesson.

“It feels really nice to know that there are more good people than there are bad people in the world," West said.

Perseus is getting along well with the family's other pet named Pig

None of the items stolen from the home have been recovered so far. Among them is a custom built carbon fiber fat tire bike that belongs to Brad Harris.

Harris, who’s posted fliers in bike shops and descriptions on line said the public has been great about providing tips, as well as the Anchorage Police Department which he called “very supportive.”

Brad Harris's Carbon Fiber bike is still missing

Harris said there are good leads in the case and he is “cautiously optimistic” he may see his bike again.

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