Shoppers stocked up on what they needed at the Debarr Road Walmart, but how they take it home has changed.

Gone are the days of using plastic bags. As of Sunday, stores like Walmart no longer offer plastic bags as an option to customers under Anchorage’s new ban. People now have to use paper or reusable bags.

"It's going to take some getting used to with remembering to bring your bags every time, but I think it's better for the environment," said Walmart shopper Laurie Harrelson.

The Anchorage Assembly approved the ban back in August 2018. Assemblyman Chris Constant is among its supporters.

"The litter mess is so impossible to deal with, these bags get away, they fly away. They're everywhere," Constant said. "So we now have an opportunity to break that cycle, and here we are."

Walmart reusable bags cost $0.54 each. Paper bags are $0.10 each with a maximum of five paper bags per transaction. Otherwise, you will need to supply your own.

Restaurants and retailers are also included in the ban. Those that don’t comply with the new policy receive a warning on their first offense. The second violation could carry a $250 fine, while it's $500 for each offense after that.

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