The strongest storm we've seen in some time is moving closer to Southcentral, keeping wind and rain in the forecast. That wind and rain already moved into Anchorage and some powerful wind gusts were recorded overnight. 

Your eyes aren't fooling you, those are wind gusts over 60 miles per hour! There are even wind advisories in place along the Alaska range for dangerous gusts. Thankfully, the wind will die down throughout the day as the storm itself gets closer to Southcentral. 

As the wind dies down, the rain will pick up. We will see showers grow more widespread as the day presses on. The heaviest rain will fall along coastal areas, some cities like Seward and the coastal communities of Prince William Sound are set to receive rain measured in inches. Here in Anchorage, the direction of the wind and the way the storm is moving in keeps us in the rain shadow of the mountains. That means rainfall totals will stay under a half-inch from the storm. 

 As fast as the storm moves in, it moves back out. By Friday, the center closes in on Southcentral— weakening the system. That means lighter rain and less wind by the afternoon. 

We won't get any brilliant sunshine, but late Friday and through the weekend we stay mild. Our summer of warmth continues, temperatures will stay near 60 degrees (above normal) despite cloud cover that sticks around. 

This classic fall storm is a sign of the changing season. We catch a break in the action through the weekend. Clouds stick around but we will see a peek of sunshine as wind and rain depart. 

Another storm is in the forecast for next week, but don't worry— the KTVA weather team will have the latest information in your forecast.

-Meteorologist Jeremy LaGoo