A burn ban covering the Municipality of Anchorage has been lifted, an advisory from the Anchorage Fire Department said Wednesday. The ban was lifted because of recent rain and cooler temperatures in the area.

Anchorage has seen four straight days of steady rain, with September already exceeding all of the rain seen during the summer months. The city even saw the wettest day since May 26, when well over half an inch of rain fell across the Anchorage Bowl.

AFD says outdoor recreational fires are now allowed, including barbecue grills, portable outdoor fireplaces, recreational, ceremonial and open cooking fires.

The use of burn barrels or burning trash, garbage, construction materials or other non-cured firewood, however, is always prohibited within the municipality. The burning of yard debris, including leaves, grass and tree limbs, is also always prohibited.

With more rain on the way, it's not only saturating the ground but slowly digging us out of the extreme drought. While it will take several storms to return Southcentral back to normal in terms of rainfall, the recent rains are proving beneficial to the region.

Before burning, people are advised to check the municipality's website to make sure it is safe.

Aaron Morrison contributed to this report.

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