The Alaska Department of Fish and Game has reopened a portion of Game Management Unit 14A to hunting, allowing hunters and the public access to some state lands in the area of the Deshka Landing Fire.

These closures limited hunting and access to the Willow Swamp area. ADF&G said hunters should still be mindful of fire danger and to refrain from activities which could cause a fire.

ADF&G also urges hunters to be careful walking or riding inside the fire scar. Hidden dangers, such as hot ash pits or trees with weak roots that could fall, may still be a hazard.

Todd Rinaldi, the ADF&G regional management coordinator for Palmer, said the Deshka Landing Fire Area encompasses the Willow Swamp area. This area was initially closed because of fire danger.

In addition, the Alaska Department of Natural Resources said Alaska State Parks is reopening the Nancy Lake State Recreation area except for the South Rolly Lake Campground. The Red Shirt Lake Trail and nearby cabins are also open to the public.

DNR said since containment objectives have been met, the fire is in "monitor status" and firefighters are no longer working in the area. 

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