Nearly 500 people are working to put out the Swan Lake Fire. Lately crews have had some help, thanks to rain giving them a break from the line so they can protect homes in the area.

"We were kind of simulating whether a fire was coming down into town on how we would engage into the community," said Ian Satterfield, the division group supervisor. "We kind of worked it through our task forces which would typically be a group of engines of five and so we put a couple little challenges out for each of the task force leaders to overcome in their groups."

They pretended that the fire was between structures, that water was running out in certain areas and even a shed was lost. This gives all of the firefighters time to practice and work with a large sprinkler system. 

In the Cooper Landing zone, Satterfield says they have 20 port-a-tanks and 47 sprinkler kits with more than 200 sprinklers set up.

"It took us probably four days to get it all installed and put together," Satterfield said. "Part of the reason we did put in, you know, this intricate sprinkler system throughout this zone particularly was because we don't have the resources or the manpower to be able to put a fire engine at everybody's house."

Many in the area are happy to have them there.

"It's nice to know that people have been on it and are on it," said Adam Sullivan, a Cooper Landing resident. "It's not one of those deals where, you know, you wake up in the middle of the night and wonder if you're gonna see something out of your window."

Just because they have been given time to train doesn't mean the work is done. Crews will be there until the end of fall going into winter as long as the fire is still there.

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