It's almost hard to believe that all of the rain we've seen in the past week is about as close to normal weather as we've seen in more than 3 months. The first week of September delivered about as much rain as we saw the last 3 months combined. Rain is a normal part of September in Alaska, and the forecast calls for more much-needed rain in the coming days. 

A little morning rain will linger through the first half of Monday. Light showers will taper off by the afternoon, leaving cloudy skies behind. Under cloudy skies, temperatures will climb to near 60 degrees across Southcentral Monday afternoon. 

It's an interesting weather pattern. High pressure to the Southeast keeping the capital sunny and dry is playing a role in the showers across Southcentral as the next storm moves in from the west. Monday's rain came from a deformation zone— the area where wind comes together between a high pressure center to the east and a low pressure center or storm to the west. 

Tuesday will start with yet another round of rain. As everything shifts east, the rain over southwestern Alaska moves into Southcentral. Scattered showers and clouds will keep temperatures pretty close to where they should be this time of year. Right near 60 degrees. 

The middle of the week looks to be a bit drier. While rain doesn't fill the forecast those days, clouds stick around as we find ourselves nestled comfortably in a stormy pattern. 

We will see more rain spread across Alaska before the week is out. A pair of Typhoons over the western Pacific will get wrapped up in some storms moving into Alaska. This is a very normal thing this time of year and often helps enhance rainfall across Southcentral. Good news when we are still in desperate need of moisture. 

Stay with the KTVA weather team for the latest forecast.

-Meteorologist Jeremy LaGoo