Alaska Wildlife Troopers responded to a bear attack Friday evening in the Eureka and Gunsight Mountain area, Alaska State Troopers say.

Troopers received a report at about 7 p.m. that a moose hunter, who was with another hunter, was attacked by a bear. 

"Reportedly the two hunters surprised a sow brown bear with two cubs," troopers wrote. "The sow attacked one of the hunters causing serious injuries."

According to AST, the second hunter shot the adult female bear and ended the attack. The hunters then evacuated to a cabin and the injured hunter was flown by helicopter to an Anchorage hospital for treatment.

Samantha Larsen Marlin, whose cabin the hunters initially went to after the attack, says a nurse and first responder administered first aid before the injured hunter was taken out of the area.

"We were able to drive our truck up the ATV trail to load the injured hunter and transport to a cabin that could be accessed by life flight, which happened to be the cabin he was staying at," Marlin said.

Troopers said other hunters confirmed the bear had died. Marlin says she, along with her husband Glenn, were able to recover the bear and turn in its hide to the Department of Fish and Game. Marlin said there were no signs of the bear cubs when they returned.


Editor's note: This story has been updated to include additional information from Samantha Marlin.

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