Jurors in Bradley Renfro’s murder trial Friday got a look at graphic evidence of David Grunwald’s killing.

Renfro is one of four people charged with beating and shooting the 16-year-old on Nov. 13, 2016.

Investigators detailed two crime scenes in the murder: the trailer where the teen was pistol-whipped and the woods off Knik River Road where he was shot.

Neither of David’s parents were in the courtroom as the state showed jurors photos of their son’s body.

State Crime Lab forensic scientist Jamie Nading testified about evidence found in Erick Almandinger’s trailer. Almandinger was the first person tried and convicted of Grunwald’s murder.

Her team swabbed several areas that field-tested presumptive positive for blood. The lab later matched the collected samples to David’s DNA.

After being pistol-whipped in the trailer, David was driven to Knik River Road and walked into the woods where he was shot once in the head. The state can’t prove who pulled the trigger.

Alaska State Trooper Scott Bartlett talked about the murder site and a single shell casing found at the scene.

“The fact that it was just left there, would that lead you to think that they were in a hurry, sloppy, didn’t care, didn’t think the body would be found or anything else,” Renfro’s defense attorney, Chris Provost, asked.

“Potentially any of those,” Bartlett replied.

Renfro has admitted to being present during Grunwald’s beating and murder but Provost denies his client was a willing participant or helped plan the crime in any way.

Nading testified none of the DNA evidence the crime lab collected matched Renfro.

Almandinger’s trailer where David was beaten has been towed from Palmer to Fairbanks. Jurors will get a chance to do a walk-through of the trailer on Monday.

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