Supporters of the effort to remove Gov. Mike Dunleavy from office have reached their next objective.

Roughly 75 members of the "Recall Dunleavy" marched from the CIRI Building to the Division of Elections Thursday afternoon.

They turned in seven boxes with the signatures collected from 20 communities across the state. Organizers said they received over 49,000 signatures.

"He is the wrong man for the job and he is hurting our economy and he's hurting our families. He's hurting our seniors and everything that we hold dear in our state," said campaign chair Meda Dewitt.

The Alaska Department of Law says it will review the application to see if it meets the grounds for a recall. Those are lack of fitness, incompetence, neglect of duties and corruption. The department's goal is to complete its review within 60 days.

"I see no need to treat this application any differently than other election applications," said Attorney General Kevin Clarkson in a press release. "I am here to provide legal advice and defend and uphold the state and federal constitutions. The Department of Law will advise the Division of Elections in the same manner it would any other recall. And 60 days will give us adequate time to do a thorough legal review and provide our legal recommendation to the director."

The Republican Governors Association's Executive Director Dave Rexrode released the following written statement in response to the recall effort:

“Since taking office, Governor Dunleavy has served as the People’s Governor, fighting for a better future for all Alaskans and taking on the special interests. Under his leadership unemployment is at its lowest level in years and he continues to work to attract jobs and economic development to the state. The RGA stands behind Governor Dunleavy against this recall effort by partisan special interests seeking to halt Alaska’s tremendous progress.”

Should everything be certified, members of "Recall Dunleavy" would then have to collect more than 71,000 signatures, reflecting 25% of the 2018 voter turnout, before a recall election could take place.

KTVA reached out to chairman of the Alaska Republican Party Glenn Clary for a statement. He did not return our calls before publication.

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