It's a return to this summer's normal. Temperatures above normal and sunshine for Southcentral Alaska. September is typically a month of cooling temperatures and rain. By the 5th, the average high temperature is in the 50s. 

A weak ridge of high pressure sits over the region. That will knock down some of the cloud cover of recent days. That means more sunshine is in the forecast. You will notice the difference early Thursday. 

A few morning clouds will depart by midday. Clear sky, sun, and light wind will help temperatures climb into the mid-60s Thursday afternoon. 

Friday will start with a little patchy fog. Clear skies will allow temperatures to drop overnight. As temperatures fall into the 40s, moisture from recent rain will condense near the ground, creating the patchy fog in low-lying areas. Fog will quickly burn off as the sun comes up— sunny skies will help temperatures climb into the 60s once again. 

We hang onto the sunshine and warmth into the weekend. A storm to the west tries to move in, but as it gets closer— all we get is a little more cloud cover. The storm will be too far away and too weak to get the moisture up and over the mountains. Because of that downsloping or the rain shadow of the mountains, Anchorage stays dry while coastal areas will likely see some rain. 

Historically, September is a month of cooling temperatures and rain. So enjoy the warmth and sunshine while you can, cooler days will be here before you know it!

-Meteorologist Jeremy LaGoo