Two hikers and their dog who were overdue from a trip near Hatcher Pass were found Wednesday afternoon after multiple agencies and their family searched the area.

The hikers, 28-year-old Luke George and 29-year-old Dorothy Hoople of Anchorage, and their Bernese Mountain Dog were reported overdue at about 9:30 p.m. Tuesday, Alaska State Troopers wrote in an email Wednesday morning.

Family and friends had already searched for the two on Tuesday before making the report.

George and Hoople went out Saturday, planning to be gone for one or two nights, troopers say. On the scene of the search, Hoople's father said the two are experienced hikers and were well prepared when they left for their trip.

On Wednesday afternoon, AST spokesman Ken Marsh confirmed that Hoople, George and their dog had been found. Marsh said the couple had gone up a wrong path on the canyon and arrived in a different area where they got turned around. According to Marsh, visibility was low due to weather in the area.

"After six hours we're like 'man we gotta find this hut, it's getting dark,' type of thing, so we kept moving forward," George said. "At that point there was so many alders and thorns and things like that that we decided not to turn around and keep moving forward. It was miserable out there.”

A helicopter is transporting all three of them out of the area. They are all safe and no one was hurt, except for the dog who ended up with a nose full of porcupine quills.

Elizabeth Roman, John Thain, Shayne Nuesca and Cassie Schirm contributed to this report.

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