Rabbit Creek Elementary principal Kristina Peterson received an email Monday morning from a concerned neighbor. 

"He said he had been over walking around the school and found some debris in the area," Peterson said. 

That email prompted a note from Peterson to the Anchorage School District maintenance department asking them to take a look first thing Tuesday morning. When they arrived at 6:30 a.m., they set work picking up pieces on the school's roof and around the building, the principal said.

ASD and the Anchorage Police Department confirmed the vandalism to the school's roof. APD spokesperson Kendra Doshier said in an email that School Resource Officers responded to investigate the damage.

"The preliminary investigation found that two unidentified suspects climbed on top of the roof and caused extensive damage to school property," Doshier wrote. "School Resource Officers are actively investigating to find those responsible."

The two suspects in question were caught on security cameras around the school. 

"We looked at security footage, and while it was pretty dark and the figures were [obscured], we did identify two individuals with skateboards up on the roof," ASD Director of Communications and Community Outreach Alan Brown said. "That footage was taken about 1 a.m. this morning."

Brown says although the figures are hard to make out, it appears to be two young males that made their way to the school's roof. 

"We've got some plumbing pipes and air ventilation pipes that were kicked over," Principal Peterson said. "Some vent covers were thrown off the top of the building and broke in the process."

Despite the damage, the first day of school back from a three-day weekend was not interrupted. 

"Business as usual," Peterson said. "They are working on taking a look at things. Making the necessary repair list and going from there."

There is not yet an estimate on what the repairs will cost. 

"Easily within the thousands of dollars. I think it's important to highlight that that's money that is taken away from our students or the school in some other fashion. That's money that could be put to use in a lot of more productive ways," Brown said. "There's also an opportunity cost. Those workers that were going to go out and fix something else somewhere across the district had to be diverted in order to take care of this emergency." 

Brown says the school district is working with APD to find the individuals involved. 

Anyone with information about this investigation, including surveillance footage, is asked to call non-emergency dispatch at 311.

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