A man convicted of stabbing an Anchorage Police Department officer and attempting to stab another was sentenced on Friday. 

Edward Thompson was sentenced to 40 years in prison, according to a release from the Department of Law. 

The charges stem from a stabbing and attempted stabbing of three Anchorage police officers in a Spenard parking lot. Thompson was found guilty by a jury in April 2019 for first-degree assault and two counts of first-degree attempted assault.

Court documents state on June 18, 2012, Anchorage police responded to the report of a disturbance on 25th Avenue.

The documents went on to say when officers Keo Fujimoto and Nathan Keays arrived they made contact with Dorothy Knox and Edward Thompson. Police say Thompson told officers there had not been a disturbance and that he and Knox were just talking.

Knox told police she didn't know him.

During the conversation with police, Thomspon put his right hand into the left side of his jacket as if he was reaching for a weapon. Fujimoto told Thompson to keep his hands out of his pockets. Thompson refused and put both hands in his jacket pockets.

Fujimoto began patting Thompson down for weapons. Court documents say Thompson immediately pulled away and the two officers tried to restrain him. During the struggle, Thompson pulled out a knife and stabbed Fujimoto in the leg. Thompson also tried to stab Keays in the chest, but the blade was blocked by Keays' vest carrier. The vest was slashed across the badge area.

Police said Thompson wasn’t brought under control until a third officer, George Vrablik, struck him with a baton and forced him to drop the knife. Fujimoto received stitches to close his leg wound, while Thompson was treated for a hand broken by the baton blow. 

Ahead of Thompson's sentencing Friday, Assistant District Attorney Daniel Shorey said Thompson's criminal history dates back to 1982, including convictions for 16 felonies and 18 misdemeanors. Shorey stated Thompson is an "extremely dangerous person with no prospects for rehabilitation" and asked for a maximum sentence.

On Friday, Thompson appeared in court for his sentencing hearing. Officers Fujimoto, Keays, and Vrablik were also present.

Shorey said in an email following the sentencing that the 40-year term was a combination of sentences for each charge, which the judge ordered to be served consecutively.

According to the Assistant District Attorney's office, Thompson could be eligible for early release for good behavior after serving two-thirds of his sentence, which would be in 2039.

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