The Anchorage School District nixed all after-school practices and games scheduled Friday, citing concerns about the air quality.

In an email early Friday afternoon, the district's spokesperson Megan DuClos said practices that could be moved indoors would be allowed to happen. She added that outdoor games scheduled Friday had been moved to Saturday, Aug. 31.

Further information and a game schedule will be posted to the ASD website.

The winds over the Swan Lake Fire shifted to the north Thursday, bringing dense smoke into the Anchorage Bowl. The air quality quickly dropped from "moderate" to "unhealthy," where it has stayed for the last 19 hours.

Visibility is also being affected by the smoke. Under clear conditions, visibility is typically about 10 miles but since 3 p.m. Thursday the visibility in Anchorage has been down to five miles or less, at times dropping as low as just one mile.


When the air quality is unhealthy, the Environmental Protection Agency says, "Everyone may begin to experience health effects; members of sensitive groups may experience more serious health effects." They also recommend that sensitive groups avoid prolonged or heavy exertion and move activities indoors or reschedule to a time when the air quality is better.

For everyone else, they recommend reducing prolonged or heavy exertion and take more breaks during all outdoor activities.

Melissa Frey contributed to this report.

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