K-9 Midas, the Anchorage police dog who was stabbed by a man with a sword during a standoff earlier this week, is home from the hospital recovering from his injuries.

The officer-involved shooting happened Monday evening. Police say 38-year-old Kevin Phoummany fired at least one shot at officers and barricaded himself inside his home before stabbing K-9 Midas with the sword. SWAT officer Joshua Hooyer shot and killed Phoummany after the stabbing.

K-9 Midas was taken to an emergency veterinarian for treatment. On Friday morning, police posted an update on his recovery on social media:

A Message from K-9 Midas:

Bark, bark barky, bark!

Wait. Sorry, I usually only speak dog. ??

Here we go. Okay.

Good morning everyone!

My name is K-9 Midas.

I know many of you have been worried and wondering how I am doing since the attack.

Well, I'm a happy hound this morning because I am out of the hospital (finally!) and back with my awesome family at home. You can see by the photos why I love them so much!

Speaking of love! I love keeping you safe from the criminals, however, staying at home to recover is tough. I just want to get back out there and help!

I know, I know. I need to listen to the doggie doc. He told me I’m one lucky pup.

When he told me about healing, I got confused. I thought he was giving me commands to heel. Good thing my heroic human, Officer Otts, was next to me at the hospital to explain.

He’s always there when I need him.

It was also a good thing my SWAT family was next to me when I got attacked. They helped save my life.

You know who’s also helped me?

YOOOUU!! (That was doggie speak for you)

All the love and support you have been sending me is helping me heal AND heel.

I can't wait to get back out in the community with my blue family to help keep you safe!

From the bottom of my pooch heart,

The post has gathered hundreds of reactions and well wishes from the Anchorage community.

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