So far this month we've seen just 0.01 inches of rain. That is one, one-hundredth of an inch— in a time that we normally see almost 3 inches of rain. August 2019 will likely close out as the driest August on record despite a little rain in the forecast. 

Our next chance of rain arrives early Saturday as a storm rolls in from the west. It is still a few days out, and a lot can change, but right now we need the rain so badly we have to talk about any chance. If everything pans out accordingly, we could get some measurable precipitation for just the second time since the last week of July.

We stay dry for the next few days. A few clouds Wednesday will spread across the Southcentral Alaska sky. This won't change much from what we've seen in the past few days. Temperatures will stay in the upper 60s in the afternoon with a smoky haze in the atmosphere. 

Thursday and Friday won't be too different. Dry and sunny with lingering smoke. 

Winds shifting out of the south ahead of Saturday's potential rain will bring about a little more smoke in Anchorage and the Valley. But the increasing smoke and wind will also bring about the potential for much-needed rain. 

Keep those fingers crossed.
-Meteorologist Jeremy LaGoo