The campaign to recall Gov. Mike Dunleavy has gathered 36,731 signatures as of Thursday, Aug. 22. 

According to a press release, the campaign gathered 300 signatures on the first day of the Alaska State Fair in Palmer. The current statewide total is more than half of the signatures needed to complete the second phase of the recall process.

“We still have volunteers collecting signatures in communities across Alaska who want to be part of this process. There is so much energy behind this movement, Alaskans standing up against the destruction of their state, it is an honor to work with them,” campaign chair Meda DeWitt said in a statement.

The campaign's website says the petition phase will continue until the campaign collects 71,252 signatures, which is equal to 25% of the voter turnout in the last general election. The signatures will then go to the Alaska Division of Elections for review. The division will verify each signature and if the petition is successful, a special election will be called.

The "Recall Dunleavy" effort began statewide on Aug. 1 in response to Gov. Dunleavy's budget cuts. The governor's supporters said previously that the recall effort is a waste of time and that Gov. Dunleavy hasn't been in office long enough for Alaskans to see the results of his budget initiatives.

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